6 New Fall Fashion Trends to Shop For


Fall has always been this confused transition phase between summers and winters. One minute it’s getting colder than before, the other it will get a tad hot. Depending on which geographical location you occupy, summers are almost over. As Jon Snow said, fall is coming, or did he say winter? Same thing, only different.

The transition season gets us confused as to what major changes do we bring in our wardrobe. We need to be prepared for a chilly wind and even lighten up some for sunny days. It’s the time to move from airy sundresses and bikinis to layering up. Boots, denim, outerwear and red ruling the autumn, is a beautiful time for all the fashionable people out there.

The designers have done their work for the fall which is out and about on the ramp. We have done the pondering, planning and pinning down a list of ramp-approved trends for you to add to your wardrobe before fall reaches. So get a head start and browse through the following six major fall fashion trends to shop and rock.

  1. Couch Florals:
    This is the smoothest transition between seasonal wardrobe changes. Your spring and summer floral dresses turn a notch up on the darker scale as autumn comes. The color palette isn’t just the old and bold fall colors such as orange, burgundy or browns. This time around, designers got into deep blues and purples to contrast the fall.

  1. Leisure Style Zip Ups:
    Who said zips are for the physically active ones only? Athletic leisure style zip ups will continue to be a part of the wardrobe despite the dip in temperature. High zip-up neckline works on everything from dresses to tank tops. It is a tiny detail that makes a huge style statement, so zip up this fall for when the scale goes down.

  1. Shape Silhouette:
    For all the people who prefer a formal yet stylish look, they are in for a good change this fall. Boxy Silhouettes are back. They look formal, chic and smart as can be. From denim fabric to tops and lows, they are getting into every part of the fall apparel. Invest in some straight pants and a jacket of this style, and you are all set to rage up the dropping temperature.

  1. Sheer Layer:
    Sheer turtlenecks have been able to stay put despite the seasonal variation in the world of fashion. They maintain their stance and are a good new way to layer up in the falls. They go with everything, midis, minis and button ups. Pair a sheer cardigan or a formal shirt with literally anything you own, it will notch up your fall fashion game in an instant.

  1. Pale Pink:
    Are you a pink freak or one of those who is tired of the new trend of millennial pink? We have a semi-happy news for both of the groups. Come fall, we saw it’s a tad less obnoxious sibling, pale pink. It has a slightly more opaque hue. It works well with the fall colors and so was dominant on the runway in every collection.

  1. Suit Up Gray:
    This fall is Barney Stinson’s dream come true. Suit up but with panache this fall. You may think that suits come and go every season. What is new? Well, gray is the new x-factor. May it be deconstructed blazers or trousers, plenty of gray stripes brought the new charm to the plain old formal coats and pants. Our favorite was the deconstructed gray blazer, so go get one.

6 New Fall Fashion Trends to Shop For