6 Halloween Costumes for Youngsters



A teenager doesn’t really need Halloween for life to get spooky because life for us is Halloween everyday minus the free candy. Nevertheless, our generation wants to be the trendsetter at every festival or party. Halloween is one such festival lurking around the corner of October. We feel, with the advent of so many social websites, popular TV series and movie sagas, there is just so much one can do for Halloween. But again, aren’t we the lazy millennials? This time of era, people don’t go out to shops weeks before looking for unique stuff to pair every October. We surf the net, get ideas, and put our creativity to work by making most of what is at our home. Don’t worry, we have got you covered even there.

Following is a list of Halloween costumes paying homage to the current pop and TV culture, making them apt choices for a single, couple or squad of teenagers this year. From the traditional very scary bad-ass costumes to totally hilarious and downright funny ones, this list is your final stop to look spooktacular this Halloween. The bonus is the ease and cost efficiency with which these awesome looks can be reproduced at home. Roll the pumpkin down!


  1. Corpse Bride:
    For all those Tim Burton fans, dress up as the Corpse Bride with the use of makeup, dead flower tiara and an old white sheet torn into a dress. You never know when you might just bump across your Victor in the world of the dead.

  1. Poison Ivy:
    Are you a redhead? Well put some leaves on and kill everyone with your poison this Halloween. Leave up your green top and tights with paper or actual leaves to relive the DC Comic Villain life. A perfect contrast to the orange pumpkin.

  1. Harley Quin:
    Team Harley or Team Joker? Find your weird Joker life partner this October by tying colorful pigtails and using pink and blue makeup. Rip the t-shirt, pair it with a jacket and don’t forget your baseball bat to keep normal people at bay!

  1. House of Cards:
    Are you into mature political drama cult? Well then simply invest in a deck of cards and wear it in the shape of a house on your conference room dress to attract a high on revenge political minded guys.


  1. Twinning The Emoji:
    For a couple’s night out on Halloween, the ultimate goal is to twin your costumes. For a simple easy last-minute look, get your matching leotard and bows to get some candy to sweeten up your relation.

  1. The Walking Dead:
    Are you and your better-half believers of a zombie apocalypse? Well then rise up from the dead as Rick and Lori from the famous TV series, The Walking Dead. All you need is a flannel and rugged jeans. Finish off the game with fake blood. Ring doorbells and ask for Carl instead of candy!




6 Halloween Costumes for Youngsters