5 New Hair Color Trends for fall 2017

Isn’t summer the best time for hair transformations? Because by the time August hits us, hair is the last thing we think about. Shifting from iced to hot coffee, dresses to sweaters and humid air turning rough, all this means one thing: fall is here. We throw our hair into ponytails and dream of a nice cozy winter. However, sticking with the same old hair color is not what one should do. The transition from one season to another is the best time mix up those hair color shades you always had your heart set on.

Spring is for new starts and fall is for reflection. Reflect on changes you made to your hair and if you want to stick with them. Whether you are dying for a few ribbons of Balayage or a full-blown hair color shift, now is the time to take the dagger. Because a new haircut is great, but there are better ways to elevate your look with a mix of color.

But what change should you decide on for the fall? Well according to our Instagram screenshots, soda blonds, stark blue tons and pumpkin lowlights because obviously, are trends riding high. From rich chestnut to smoky and sweet chocolate, there is a whole range for ones who want a brunette look this fall.

To help you highlight the hottest hair shades trends for fall, and to pick what goes with your skin ton, we have done some research. Not only about what the current trend is, but also on how to achieve them.


  1. Bronde Embers
    Bronde is a mix of brown and blonde. Perfect for the ones with olive tones, as it won’t look too harsh. Lighten your hair base hair color to two shades. Then get Balayage highlights hand painted for a thick and heavy look towards the end.


  1. Copper Hue
    If you are a lazy kind of person, this low maintenance color change is definitely for you. It goes well with people having a porcelain complexion. Get a natural base of brown with some light Balayage for soft coppery highlights.

  2. Smoky Chocolate
    This is the one for everyone. Compliments both soft complexion brunettes to golden skin tone girls. It is a mid-brunette look with subtle highlights such as baby or fine highlights. But needs a lot of shine to give your hair movement and dimension.

  3. Caramel Swirl
    For people with dark complexions and sharp features, this is the look to tone it down a bit. Go lighter this fall by focusing highlights on the face frame, natural part and ends only. The key is a very strategic approach to the placement of highlights. You would be the caramel ice cream beating the heat.

  4. Golden Sombre:
    Sombre is a softer version of ombre. If you have medium to deep skin complexion, then this is the look to add the extra oomph. Go for caramel and gold-tone highlights that are dark at the root and light on the end to give a natural look.

5 New Hair Color Trends for fall 2017