5 Accessories to Revamp Your Wardrobe


Everyone needs change according to weather or routine. If you can’t bring change completely in your life related to trends just try to get little vairation in it. You might not get attractive bonuses to spend over it but you can try a little in your budget.

Girls around you look good no matter what they wear and you simply are awestruck. You may think it’s because they can afford branded clothes, a personal stylist or a secret walk in closet. But only those girls know the true reality. The secret to their basic clothes being trendy and eye catching is the art of accessorizing.

Accessorizing is an elementary fashion skill that distinguishes between the elegantly dressed people and the mainstream mass. Take it from our experience, it is indeed very applicable. It doesn’t matter how simple of a piece you wear, add in the right accessory item and voila, you are the new model on the daily life runway. It is a magic trick that once mastered will always garner attention. Your own pouch of pixie dust.

The best part is, it is a highly economical and smart option for people who work with a tight budget. For all of you who want to stretch your wardrobe without emptying your pockets, learn to accessorize. But how to train yourself to accessorize? Do not fret, as we have got your back. With a few basic rules and an understanding of proportions, anyone can learn the art of accessorizing.

Pair your classic black dress with metallic jewelry and colored heels for a night out with friends. Go softer for a casual business party or lunch by adding a belt to your dress. Get your hands on the following accessories and trust us, you will make the most out of your income.

  1. Hats:
    Top off your ordinary dull outfit with a hat to intensify it. A sports cap, a beach hat or a fedora, all can change a look from bleak to chic. Explore the horizon and see what suits you the best. Your dress may look simple but at least your look won’t be boring.

  1. Jewelry:
    White top and denim jeans never get old but can look repetitive. To break the redundancy, add jewelry. Opt for a necklace on an open neckline, bracelets on sleeveless tops, or long earrings on a plain neckline. Mix and layer them up for a vintage look. Set a schedule to avoid repetition.

  1. Scarves:
    Scarf is a trend that can never go out of style. They are perfect to add layers in winters and to impart femininity with floral prints in summer. Take time out to try them beforehand. Wear them with a tee, blazer or even a dress. They have the power to transform your everyday outfit into awesomeness.

  1. Belts:
    Cinched waists are the new sexy. Pair them with a flowy dress or use them to add colors to your outfit. Experiment with various spots like the hips, waist or close to your chest like an empire waistline. Invest in skinny and broad belts with or without buckles. They will bring variation to your look.

  1. Bags:
    Last but not the least, statement bags are a must have accessory. Add large bright clutches to bring flair to your look. Get hold of a few different colors, styles and sizes to create an entirely new chic ensemble every time. Easy on the pocket yet they help you turn into a mini fashionista in seconds.

5 Accessories to Revamp Your Wardrobe