12 Easy And Interesting Nail Art Designs

Nails are considered as an enormous fashion assertion across the globe. To look fabulous and matchless girls do nail art in different creative styles. Nail art harmonize your personality and complement exclusive touch to your outfit. There are many different gorgeous nail art designs that can help in adding flair to your look. You cannot even imagine about all of them.

If you are exhausted and bored by the one-tone nails and same unexciting patterns. Try these amazing, magical and simple nail art designs. People are definitely going to admire you. It is not at all necessary to visit parlour to try these amazing and beautiful nail art designs. This does not need any kind of professional experience or any special tool. Even you don’t need to be a master artist for doing the nail art. This can be done by using different art forms. You can do it either at your own.

In this post we have listed some of the much easy and interesting nail art designs along with pictures that you will admire. Read it and enjoy while crafting these wonderful and adorable designs.

Products Required:

Products needed for doing the nail art at home are:

1.     A base coat (nail color).

2.     A top coat (nail color) Use any two nail paints that you like. We used a pink and a purple polish here.

3.     A white nail polish.

4.     A dotting tool or a toothpick.

Steps for the Nail Art:

 Preparation of Nails:

  1. Proper Trimming and filing of nails but do not trim them too short.
  2. Shaping of nails for a neat look.
  3. Removing the old nail polish or cuticle on nails.
  4. Complete removal of moisture.

Apply a Base Coat:
Base coats are generally bluish or clear in the color. Base coat safe your nails from any damage by nail colors and helps in maintenance of the nail art for the longer time. Apply one layer of the base coat on completely clean nails.

Apply Nail Polish:
The next step starts after complete drying of the base coat. Apply coating of colored nail polish on the nails.

12 Different Nail Art Designs:
Now let’s learn some more interesting nail art tutorials. All these are simple, easy to learn and we can do these nail art designs at home itself.
A Chevron Tip:
For creating a chevron tip take purple and pink colored nail polish and start applying it diagonally from one side on the nail. After that, filling of the remaining part of the nail is done with different color. After drying, if necessary then apply the second coat.


Create Simple Dots:
Applying of the dots can be shaky and difficult. But this can be done by many things easily available at home. For example tooth pick, bobby pin, paint brush, ball pens, match sticks, safety pins, pencil and needles. After preparation of base coat dip a tooth pick in the white nail polish. Place small or big white dots on the tips of your nails. You can apply dots as many as you want of thinner or thicker size. After drying of dots finishing is done with a clear top coat. This is one of the simplest nail art designs.

You can also give a smart finishing touch to the dots. Dip tooth pick in a pink or any other colored nail polish and draw another dots inside dots.

Gradient Nail Art
Products needed for getting a gradient are two nail polish colors, a sponge and a tooth pick. Firstly paint your nails with a lighter color. Then pour the other two polishes next to one another and start swirling them with tooth pick where they meet. At last wipe the sponge straight down on to the nail colors for a few time and then wipe it in to your nails moving upwards and downwards slowly.

No-Hassle Patterns:
For this you ONLY need a patterned scissors, a piece of tape and different nail colors.  Firstly, cut a piece of tape by using a scissor attach that tape to your nails and then paint away.

Mad Splatter:
This is the easiest and the most interesting way of nail painting. You just have to throw nail paints on the nail arbitrarily and haphazardly. After applying a base coat cover the surrounding area of your nails with a tape and then platter different color of nail paints on your nails.


Loofah Lattice:
The loofah fabric is easily available. It is the best stencil for a fishnet style look in different tones. Firstly, paint your nails with one color and let it dry completely and then hold tightly a loofah cloth over the nail and paint your nails with any other different color and allow it to dry.

Creative Crescent:
By using the reinforcement stickers you can make amazing crescent shape nail arts. After applying the nail color, fix the stickers on the top of your nails. After that apply another nail color on your nails. In this way only a top portion will cover the base color in a crescent shape. Allow it to dry.


Curved or Wavy Nail Art:
This is one of the amazing and simple designs. Cleanly paint a simple curved line on every nail. Then fill the portions with any other different nail color. Even simple white and black colors look gorgeous.

Just One Swipe:
You just have to choose two harmonizing nail colors that complement each other. After applying of base coat, apply a dark colored nail color on your nails. Then add a single wipe of white or any other lighter color on the tip of nails. Allow this to dry and finish it with transparent top coating.


Tape It:
You can use a simple tape in a creative way on your nails. Firstly, apply any nail color after base coat. Then cut the strips of the tape into convoluted patterns and attach them on your nails front after the drying of applied nail color. Then apply the coating of any other color for a gorgeous and amazing design.


Make a Floral Design:
For this design you need three different nail colors. A base color, color for center of the flowers and another color for the petals. Apply the base color and allow it to dry completely. Use a thin tipped match stick or a needle for placing group of dots in a circle arrangement on the nails. These are seen as petals of flower. After proper drying of these dots use a different color and paint a simple circle in the center of dots. Do not make too many flowers on a single nail. Make sure the flowers are distinct from one another. After completing it and proper drying apply a clear top coat.

Make a Swirl:
For this nail art you just need three to four different nail colors. One as a base coat and other three nail colors will give a complementing look as a swirl on the selected base color. Firstly, base coat is applied and dried. Apply a dot of the first color by using a tooth pick after that use a clean tooth pick for applying dot of different colors. When these dots are still wet drag the colors by using clean tooth picks outward separately creating a swirl. You can also use a stripe brush. You can swirl the dots in a cris-cross arrangement or in any other shape. Then after drying apply a top coat.

You can also use any other base colors for different looks. After you are done with a creating part, use a polish remover with a thin brush to clean up any stains around the nail areas. This will give a neat look. You surely can do these amazing nail art designs at home. By doing this at home it will save you a lot of money and time. For a better look you need a manicure to be done. So that nails art designs look attractive and clean.

12 Easy And Interesting Nail Art Designs