11 Ways To Wear Color Of The Year – 2014!

Radiant Orchid is the colour declared as colour of the year 2014 by the Global Colour Authority Pantone! No doubt you gonna love the choice and enjoy lots of purple hue this season! It’s described as being a purple hue with pink and fuchsia undertones. Being it bright and bold colour to wear still it was chosen as it matches  all skin tones and compliments every other color with its own uniqueness. Lets have a look at different 11 ways to wear this colour this year!

 Stretch Jersey Dress:

Stretch Jersey Dress

 Knit Sweater:

Knit Sweater

A-Line Skirt:

A-Line Skirt

Chunky Chain Necklace:

Chunky Chain Necklace

Canvas Sneakers:

Canvas Sneakers

Chain Shoulder Bag:

Chain Shoulder Bag







Rubber Watch:

Rubber Watch

Opaque Tights:

Opaque Tights

11 Ways To Wear Color Of The Year - 2014!