11 Cutest Nail Arts That May Increase The Charm Of Your Personality

Nail art may accentuate your personality, if the colors and style can be chosen well according to the occasion. To understand the beauty of nails it is very important to follow some tutorials or blogs to find out what is inn and what is out? What will match your personality? What will enhance your looks? These beautiful arts are here for you.

1. Black and White Nail Art in Almond Shape:
Black and white color is always eye-catching, ensemble nails with black and white polishes, which will give an ultra-bold look your personality. If you want to want please others with your first impression, wear black and white nail art to leave the remarkable impact of your persona. This shade can be customized according to the event.

Black and white nails                                          Source

2.Spider Web Stunning Nail Art:
Spider web style will give your nails stunning look. This will represent Halloween look and suitable Halloween costume. Apply the black nail paint twice, after it gets dry, with the help of white nail paint draw a web on your nails, along with this nail art, apply make-up to complete your scary look for Halloween.

3. Spooky Splatter Nail Art for Halloween:
There are so many themes which you can follow to give your nails spooky and bloody effect. The more horror look will bring more attraction towards you in Halloween party. Choose your theme whether you can paint pumpkins or give skull look to your nails, give them messy bloody look or scary dark night or you can paint gory messy zombies on your nails. Red, yellow, white, purple and black shades are involve in this theme.

4. Glory Ornamented Nail Designs:
Apply base coat first same as other nail designs, when it gets dry apply sheer nail polish, it is used to get opaque look and need several coats. After applying sheer nail polish apply the glitter polish. When you get satisfied with you glitter coats apply sheer coat in the end to get beautiful look.

5. Cute Nails in Catchy Snowy Art:
Give your nails soft look with pastel colors. For snowy theme you need very light and soft nail paints. For base coat, use ice lavender color, for making snow effects use dotting tool and striping brush and make snowflake image, use soft pink color for this. By this beautiful nail art will feel the glory of winter around you.

6. Distressed Nail Art:
Give your nails enchanting flirty look with distressed nail art, use shimmery espresso polish as a base coat and let your nails dry. After that take aluminium foil, drop the orange, red and dark shades on it and use a black sponge to paint your nails then leave it when it get dry use some burgundy and other vibrant colours and repeat the procedure over your nails. You will love the result.

7. Dream Catcher Nail Art:
Show casing the tribal art in nail art will be a great experience, because in dresses you can easily show the tribal art but in nail it will be a unique and nice practice. Make a base with white or light paint, use sea blue color to make a diamond shape in center, use striping brush and make line around it, use pastel colors to give feathery look. Enjoy the unique art on your nails.

8. Snowy Rainbow Nails:
For this beautiful look you need seven color paints of rainbow, make a base with white colours and use one by one rainbow paints and start painting in free edge to give the rainbow look. You can style them in different ways, but use all seven colors to give perfect rainbow look.

9. Bubbles Nail Art:
Try this pretty and stunning nail art when you don’t want some vibrant colors on your nails, use some pastel colors to groom your nails. Use light color as a base and other pastel colors to form bubble on the paint, it will be bit tricky but when you get the result perfectly you will love to do it again and again.

10. Stripes In Nails:
Easy yet elegant art, only you need nail art stripe tool to make different colored stripes. Color choice should be good to get better results in this nail art. You can make combination of light dark colors with slightly glitter effect. It will be rock in the party.

11. Edgy Wild Look:
For getting this electrifying look you need to bring black and white nail paints, you can make different lines parallel with each other or you can make zigzag pattern to get this striking look.


11 Cutest Nail Arts That May Increase The Charm Of Your Personality