11 Altered Ideas To Hang Jewellery

Markets are full of different types of jewellery organizers, but it is really joy full to create something with your hands. Jewellery items are very elegant and fragile, they need very careful hands to save. So their organizers should be good enough to save them. For making cute and creative organizer you can use any crochet fabric, or any fabric which is nicely embroidered, put it in a frame to make jewellery organizer. Also you can use cheese grater, paint it with your own choice, it will be surely a unique thing to save jewellery, or you can use radiator grill, paint its sides nicely to give it perfect organizer look. Another thing which can be used is ‘hanger’, wrap the hanger with any colour full fabric and droop your chains and bracelets easily. Hooks, corks, laces, ribbons and pins are also used to make jewellery organizer, we are giving you some ideas here. We hope you will find the perfect one for your home.

1. Hang in Painted Grater:

2. Use Radiator Grill To Organize Jewellery:

3. Hanging Organizer With Fabric Wrapped Hanger:

4. Make a Lace Wall Organizer:

5. Corks On Frame:

6. Use Towel Hooks For Jewellery Organizer:

7. Crochet Lace Frame:

8. Lace in Mirror Frame:

9. Pins On Board:

10. Use Antlers For Hanging Jewellery:

11. Make a Cork Board with Fabric:

11 Altered Ideas To Hang Jewellery