10 Spectacular Ideas for Quinceañera Dresses


In Spanish, “Quinceañera” literally means “fifteen-year-old female”. In English, the term is used to refer to the celebration which constitutes a ceremony on a girl’s fifteenth birthday to mark her passage to womanhood, to give thanks to God for his blessings, and to present a young woman to the community. It signals that she is an active, adult member of the community, fully ready to take on her share of responsibilities, and is now of a marriageable age and status. Latin myths and tradition tell about how girls were prepared for marriage by age fifteen or else they became nuns. In the years prior to their fifteenth birthdays, girls were taught to cook, weave, and about childbearing by the elder women in their communities in preparation for their expected lives as wives. Today, the tradition has taken on other meanings, but remains a celebration of womanhood, family and community.


Quinceañera is at times considered a mini wedding because of the lavishness of the event. Parents spend a huge about of money to make sure that their daughter’s big day doesn’t lack in any aspect. Similarly, the girls grow up imagining the details of their fifteenth birthday bash. From the dress to the heels, to the tiara and jewelry and even the catering details, all are well build up in a young girl’s mind.


First to mind comes the dress, often made of satin with lace overlays and rhinestone accents, are the visible centerpieces of this celebration. The Quince’s dress color was white in old times. About fifteen years ago, the Quince’s dress moved towards color, but pale colors, like pink, baby blue and lavender. Today, the dress colors are bolder and brighter, and often drive the overall theme of the party.


In the 21st century, many girls create their own Quinceañera celebrations, the outfit being the utmost important part of that. The fashion world today is full of options and varieties to choose from. The fabric, necklines, embellishments, types of sleeves or going sleeveless, zipper back or a corset, the list just goes on and on. At times the task of selecting the big day’s dress can be extremely daunting.

To help those girls pick out the best dress for their special day, here is a list of 10 spectacular ideas for the Quinceañera princess:

1.    Embroidery and Beading on a Tulle Ball Gown:

The perfect mix of classic and modern, this tulle ball gown has a sweetheart neck body with delicate embroidery on it. The body goes back to a corset. The white base gives the traditional attachment to it and the cherry net with beading on it is the touch of modern era.

2.    Crystal Beaded Embroidery on a Flounced Tulle Ball Gown:

This flouncy tulle ball gown has a gorgeous jewel studded body with a high neckline for those who want to opt out of traditional jewelry. The off the shoulder and flutter cap hybrid sleeves give it a modern queen like touch. The ruffled skirt trimmed in a horsehair completes the look.

3.    Beaded Lace on a Princess Tulle Ball Gown

This Cinderella inspired gown creates the perfect princess look with the lace detailing. The delicate body and tulle skirt stand out because of matching feminine bell sleeves made from net fabric. A flawless modern and princess look hybrid, combines tradition with a touch of trend.

4.    Beaded Embroidery on Net with Flounced Tulle Ball Gown

This net based tulle ball gown brings together intricate bead embroidery with the modern illusion look. The illusion neck and sleeves let you flaunt your natural beauty. To enhance it more, one can add a keyhole back with a corset ending on to the flounce of the gown.

5.    Beaded Lace Bodice with Flounced Tulle Ball Gown with a Waist Bow

This satin base ball gown has a beaded lace sweetheart neck body and the usual skirt in a straight fall. But what makes it stand out from the other ball gowns, is a big satin bow around the waist.

6.    Embroidery and Beading on Tulle Gown with Keyhole Coverlet:

This tulle gown has all the mainstream design one can want in a gown yet is a new addition. That is because of the embroidery which doesn’t end on the body, but extends up to a stunning keyhole coverlet.

7.    Beaded Lace Appliques on Ombre Ruffled Dress with a Bolero Jacket:

Ombre is the new sexy. This dress stands out not only because it has an ombre color scheme but also because of the lace appliques on the sweetheart body. To complete the look, it has a see through bolero jacket with lace on its borders, giving a fake tangle sleeve look.

Now for a different look, have you considered choosing a short Quinceañera dress over a long dress? Trendsetters are known for rebelling against traditions. So if you want to be the center of attention and show off every detail, go for a short Quinceañera dress!

8. Satin Dress with Flounced Tulle Skirt:

For those who want a contemporary variation in length, yet cannot let go off their childhood flounced skirt dream, this dress is their stop. With a corset satin body with a ruffled horse hair trim skirt, the dress lets you show off your tanned legs and your outstanding (pun intended) heels.

9. Organza Dress with Beading and Bubble Hemline:

The organza fabric with digital floral prints is the most recent fashion trend. The waistband made of beads and the bubble hemline give the dress a formal ball dance look. And you can actually dance in it quite comfortably without the worry of falling head over your heels, literally.

10. Black Satin Dress with Beaded Pocket:

Lastly, for all the tomboy gothic girls like me, a black dress is what we always prefer rocking in. Breaking the stereotypes of ball gowns, go ahead, pick this simple chic look with border embroidery on the pockets. Comforting and trend setting, all in one.


10 Spectacular Ideas for Quinceañera Dresses