Home Décor With Fall Crafting

Fall is the time when you get more and more crafting ideas. When trees drop their leaves we bring them together and use in our crafting goods. There are so many things where fall leaves are used. Some ideas we share in our blog

DIY Twisted And Braided Scarf Tutorial

Girls love to accessorize themselves with different colourful; headbands, jewellery, scarves etc. Winter is now at your door step so It is the good time to collect accessories to enhance the grace of your personality. Scarves are the best choice, it is the good

Ruffled Flower Scarf Tutorial

Ruffled scarves look so elegant yet so difficult, but if you get some good guide lines so it can be easily made. This is an interesting DIY project which made with the help of circles. For this beautiful scarf you need: Heavy crushed voile

Stylish Slicked Back Hair Cut For Men

An impressive style which never gets old. Always remain in fashion trends. This style is notable from the golden age of Hollywood. Slicked back style is striking for trend setters. It has versatile look, can be easily carried. It can be applied formally or

Under Cut Hair Look For Men 2015

Style is not only for women. Men also want to look trendy and most stylish. From past few years short hair style for men is becoming famous, there are so many variations in men’s hair styles also, the most popular one is ‘Under cut

DIY Elegant Head Bands

DIY Elegant Head Bands: It is very important to style your hair nicely. All the time you don’t need to tie them like a braid, sometimes loose pony tail looks nice, or just tie them with a head band. Head band are very elegant

DIY 10 Creative Hair Bows Tutorial

Hair bows are essential part of specially little girl’s accessories and for youngsters too. You can wear new styled bow every day. Not ready made, try something to make with yourself. So it will be inexpensive for you. This is the appreciating gift you

Step By Step Different Style Braids Tutorials

Fashion is not only mean about your dress or accessories, your hair n its style is also the name of fashion. You can change your look everyday by learning some easy and cute Hair Style Tutorials. Today we came with braided style these are

8 Easy Make-up Steps To Get Perfect Look

Applying make-up is an art , and to maintain skin’s glow is very important, otherwise the blemishes will abolish the beauty of your face, to maintain your facial skin’s glow the cosmetics which you are using, plays an important role also the style of

12 Aesthetically Beautiful DIY Nails You Will Love To Try

Decorating the nails beautifully is an art, Your aesthetic sense is shown here completely. Decorating Nails in different styles are common these days; yet so expensive. So, why don’t you try some DIY nail arts?  These will show your creativity and restrain your budget.