Drinking Caramel Dessert

Have you ever tried steaming chocolate caramel drink? If not, so must try it today, it is an amazing drinking dessert. This one is a quick dessert which you can serve to your guests, this caramel dessert is slightly thick with a touch of

Fantastic Hair Up Do in 60 Seconds

Today we bring some easiest up dos for trendy women, which are so much busy in their routine, we will not snatch so much time from your busy schedule, we just need ‘60 seconds’ of yours to give you the perfect trendy and bold

11 Altered Ideas To Hang Jewellery

Markets are full of different types of organizers, but it is really joy full to create something with your hands. Jewellery items are very elegant and fragile, they need very careful hands to save. So their organizers should be good enough to save them.

Appealing Abstract Art On Nails

Nail art is the style statement now a days, it becomes popular in young girls to use different and creative techniques in nail art. Choose the style which give your nail appealing and spectacular look. If you feel bore to paint with single colour,

DIY Quilled Card

Quilling is an interesting technique for crafter, it is an art to roll the strips of papers in different shapes. In start, roll the paper into the coil, then give them different shape. The paper strip can be curled, looped and rolled to make

Theme Party Decor Ideas: Winter Wonderland

Our next theme idea is Winter Wonderland décor. Yes, this is the time of winter you can find easily winter related stuff, but this idea will work more in scorching summer days. This theme will give you cool feeling and reminds you and invitees

Unique Look With Beach Waves

Style your hair in beach waves, it will look amazingly cool. This style doesn’t need perfect look, it looks incredible as messy. For straight textured hair, it is good to give curls in freshly washed hair with curling iron. Take your locks in messy

Creative Tie Dye Nail Art

Try to bring creativity in nail art. Always try new styles of manicure and colour of nails. We always try to facilitate you with new ideas of nail art. Today, enjoy the tie dye nail art. Is this sound weird? Are you thinking about

Street Style From New York Fashion Week 2016

This year you will see all the colours in street fashion.  As we go through the New York Fashion week from harpers bazar’s update, we found that everything is in fashion while it is skirt or jeans, silk or net, stripes or checks, you

Yummillicious Customized Cake Ideas Part 2:

This is the time of competition. People want new things every day. In this time customized things are really popular and the cakes are one of them, so we have started customized cake ideas series for you, we will share different ideas of cakes